School aims

At Fernielea School we are engaged in the pursuit of excellence.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a school education of high quality that will enable all our pupils to become:

– Successful learners

– Confident individuals

– Responsible citizens

– Effective contributors

  • This will equip all our pupils with the skills and attitudes for lifelong learning and will prepare them for life beyond school.
  • Provide a welcoming, caring, safe and secure environment.
  • Create opportunities to involve parents and the wider community in the life of the school.
  • Develop positive and responsible attitudes in our pupils where they demonstrate respect for themselves and value the opinions of others.
  • Provide a quality learning environment which stimulates and motivates pupils.
  • Ensure the development of excellence by fostering high quality leadership at all levels.

Our aims are also available in various languages:

Hungarian aims

School Aims – Polish

School Aims-Mandarin

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