P7 Leavers’ Show

Today the Primary 7s entertained their families with their amazing pantomime – A Lad in Trouble.  They were absolutely fantastic and it was clear that they worked very hard along with Miss Steel and Mrs Angus.

Below is a link to the powerpoint that was shared with their families showing their memories of Fernielea.

Leavers’ PPT



Eyes Open Child Protection Campaign




Everyone in Aberdeen City should keep their Eyes Open for children at risk during the school holidays.


In the week that Aberdeen City’s schools sound the end of term bell, Child Protection Committees across Scotland are encouraging the public across the whole country to be extra observant to help protect potentially vulnerable children when school’s out for summer.

By taking an Eyes Open approach, Aberdeen City’s own child protection committee hope that members of the public will take a more active, watchful role when it comes to protecting children in the area and take action if they’re concerned for a child’s wellbeing.

“By keeping our eyes open and our other senses tuned in, we might spot the tell-tale signs that a child is at risk. These signs include seeing children wandering about at all times of day and night, children who are very dirty or unfed, unsupervised children going into “party” flats, or whose parents are drunk in charge of them. However, spotting the signs isn’t enough. If something doesn’t seem quite right for a child, or a family of children, it’s better to say something than do nothing.”

CPC Scotland Chair, Anne Houston

Anyone who has concerns about a child or children can ask the child if they’re okay, offer the family some support, or contact Aberdeen City’s social work service, or the police.

Fernielea Help Out at the 2018 Glitter Pick

This morning, P1M & P6P got glittered up and volunteered to help Aberdeen City Council during the annual Glitter Pick. It is a 24 hour litter picking event across many sites in Aberdeen. We were doing the 11am slot and we covered the school playground and The Burnie. We were so surprised to find very little litter! It probably blew away!!

Have a look at the photos of the event.

P7 Charity Fundraiser

Congratulations to one of our pupils in P7 who raised £250 for CLAN cancer charity in memory of her grnadma who sadly passed away this year.

To raise money, she sold some of her drawings to family and friends.

Look out for her story in the newspapers.

Sports Day P1-P7 Wednesday 13th June 2018

Sports Day is nearly here!

It is tomorrow, 13th June 1.15pm-3pm in the playground.

The children will be competing for the Sports Day house Cup.  Last year it was won by Crathes – can they retain their title?

There will be a 45 minute potted sports competition with all pupils participating at the same time.  Please do not wander around the pitch.  Stay behind the roped area.

The children will then participate in running races.

As mentioned in May 2018 Newsletter, your child can wear comfortable sports clothes to school tomorrow – they can add a splash of their house colour if they wish.

Crathes – YELLOW

Fraser – GREEN

Edinburgh – BLUE

Stirling – RED

The parent council will be selling strawberries and cream, tea, coffee and diluting juice.  The money generated from the sales of the refreshments will be given to the school to buy more sports equipment for the pupils.

We are hoping for a dry day so ensure your child wears sunscreen if the sun is out!



P7 Ardeonaig Residential Day 4

Our last full day of activities today and we were doing either an Adventure Day or

raft building, high ropes and bushcraft.

The sun shone all day and we certainly made the most of the amazing weather.

Have a look at our fantastic pictures.




P7 Ardeonaig Residential – Day 3

We all went our separate ways today with 2 groups heading for an adventure day in the hills and surrounding forests.  The other groups were either gorge walking, high ropes climbing or learning bushcraft.

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day which made the time spent in freezing waters of the Loch more bearable.  Again, we have been overwhelmed at the determination of our pupils and they have all shone in their own ways.  Have a look at our pictures from today’s adventures.

P7 Residential Ardeonaig Day 2

Day 2 and the weather was a bit dull but that didn’t stop the adventures.  The children were learning bushcraft skills – building fires and baking their own bread; climbing the high ropes, gorge walking and raft building.

It may have been cold in the water but every child had a smile on their face and they learned about encouraging others and facing their fears.  We have some very brave children in our P7 class.

Have a look at our Day 2 adventures.

Ardeonaig Day 1 Continued

After the team games, a fire drill and some free time we ate a huge and delicious meal.  The sponge and custard for dessert was amazing!

Every group has to take their turn to complete the clean up chores.  Tay group were first to take on the chores tonight.