What is Big Maths?

Big Maths is a daily programme of mental maths activities.  There is a strong focus on learned facts and applying these facts using counting and different calculations.  Big Maths provides children with a lively and fun experience as they learn through games, songs, jingles and the famous Big Maths characters.

On Thursday 22nd January, we invited parents to a presentation on how we are using Big Maths at Fernielea School and how to support their child at home.  Click the green presentation link below for more information about Big Maths.

Big Maths at Fernielea School

Some feedback from parents after the Big Maths information session

The information session was…

‘Very interesting and helpful to understand which methods my daughter is currently being taught.’

‘Very helpful to be able to know and use the same terminology the children are using. ‘

‘Amazing and helpful, especially the live multiplication examples from the P7 girls and the videos.’

‘Relaxed, informative and well-structured.’  

‘Encouraging to know that maths and numeracy are being given a good go at school.’

Some Questions from parents after the Big Maths Information Session

Q Where can I gather some help sheets to help my child with Big Maths?

Our Big Maths Learns Its are available on the website as well as information about what Big Maths is.  Further information can be accessed at http://www.andrelleducation.com/big-maths/

Q How is my child getting on in Big Maths?

A  Teachers will soon share your child’s weekly Beat That score in their homework books.  Ask your child how they did on their Friday challenge session and celebrate success.

Q  Will my child still receive Maths homework?

A  Big Maths is a daily focus on mental maths activities.  It usually takes 20 minutes.  Children will still work in their maths groups for core maths following our maths and numeracy curriculum.  Maths homework will continue to be set by class teachers.  

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