PE TIMES for Term 1

We have asked all pupils to come dressed ready for outdoors PE on their PE days. This will include a change of shoes if possible just in case the grass is wet. Please click on the link to see the table of times.

We operate Week A and Week B

Week A started on 17th August and Week B will start on 24th August.

Week A is Week beginning 17, 31 Aug, 14 & 28 Sept

Week B is Week beginning 24 August, 7, 21 Sept and 5 October

In short:
P1D Every Friday
Week B (next week) Tuesday
P1W Thursday every week
P2 Wed & Friday every week
P2/3 Tuesday & Friday every week
P3 Tuesday & Wednesday every week
P4 Thursdays every week
P4/5 Tuesday every week
P5 Week A Thurs & Fri
Week B Wed & Fri
P6 Thursdays every week
P6/7 Mon & Fri every week

P7 Tuesday every week

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