Google Meet Parental Permissions

Good afternoon,

As we find ourselves in the position of remote learning again we thought it would be helpful to share the guidance with parents and carers regarding online Google Meets (live online meeting).  We have also given a link to a Google Form to gain your permission for your child to access the online Google Meets with their teacher and classmates. 

Please read the guidance then complete the Google Form.  Your child can only join Online Google Meets with parental permission.
(copy and paste the link into the address bar).

All classes have been set up and teachers are sending out invites to the children who haven’t yet joined their online class.  Please ensure that your child can access their class as all learning will be set through this platform.  Teachers will also send out a timetable suggesting daily structure for learning.  There is an expectation that all children will access their learning every day – there will be a check in question on the class stream every day which your child must respond to.  This is our way of ensuring that your child is registered for that day. 

If for any reason your child will be absent from online learning on any given school day due to illness, etc., then you must contact the school office to give a reason and you should do this for every day they will be absent.  As stated above, pupils will be required to register each day and we are required to monitor this.  In line with Aberdeen City Council policy we will be following up with parents if pupils are not engaging regularly with online learning.

If you are having issues accessing your child’s Google Class, please contact the school office in the first instance either by emailing or calling 01224 318533.

Please note that only the children can contact their teacher via Gmail regarding learning but all parents must communicate through the school email.

The teachers have been working very hard to ensure that your child’s learning is meaningful, engaging.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing your children  in school again soon. 

Kindest regards

Lisa Walker
Head Teacher

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