Be Distance Aware

A new initiative has launched in Scotland to encourage people to respect the space of others when they’re out and about.

The Distance Aware scheme offers everyone who would feel more comfortable when they have more room, the chance to wear an easily recognisable symbol to show others they need space and care. It is designed to support those who are worried about being in public places, for whatever reason, and help them feel more confident when going about their daily life. 

As some of us begin to make greater use of office space and face to face meetings, it is important to stay mindful of each other during this change.  After 2 years of a pandemic, it is understandable that some of us are nervous as restrictions ease so if you see a anyone with a badge or lanyard please give them space. 

Find out more about Distance Aware

Free lanyards and badges featuring the Distance Aware shield are available from libraries in Aberdeen and across the country, with badges also free to pick up in ASDA stores.

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